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massaman curry
tom kha gai
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tom yum khung
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Spicy Flavors of Thailand, the most popular thai dishes
€ 85 per person
The favorite dishes from your Thai vacation, learn about the Thai ingredients, and the most popular dishes of Thai Cuisine 
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Thai Cooking Class

Pow Pia Tord 
Thai spring rolls 

Tom Yum Khung 
Spicy sour prawn soup

Tom Kha Gai
Chicken soup with coconut

Phad Thai 
Stir fried thai noodles with shrimp, tofu and bamboo shoots

Green Curry 

Red Curry

Panaeng Curry 


Sticky rice with mang

Thai Ingredients

Thai cooking is characterized by the citrus flavor and fresh herb smells 


For the sauces:

Nham Pla or Fish sauce the most used
light soy sauce 
oyster sauce  - used exclusively for stir fry 

Tamarind sauce used to add sour flavor




Thai Ingredients


In soups mostly they use the following ingredients:

Galanga, a tough root of the ginger family but with its own particular aroma
Lemon Grass, or citronella which gives the particular lemon flavor, 
Lime juice the same as we know it which is used for the juice, 

Kaffir lime which is used for the skin and not the jucie 
Kaffir lime leaves typical double leaf shape with a lot of lime aroma 

Other vegetables often used:
a small green egg plant, 
a pea eggplant a very small version of an eggplant 
oyster mushrooms
bean sprouts 

used a lot: 
Fresh coriander or cilantro 
Tops of the spring onion
A bigger version of our chives 

Hot Chilies The smallest and most spicy: Bird chili, about 3\4” long The medium chili about twice the size the big chili not so spicy

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